Rancho Cucamonga Chamber of Commerce Website Design and Development

Testimony from the leading chamber personnel

Flora Dugbartey & Adriana Pedroza

The Process

The Rancho Cucamonga Chamber of Commerce had a simple website that did some of the things that they wanted everyone to use. The issue was that the website looked out of date, didn’t have any automations, multiple pages needed updates, and they were lacking pages they needed to really complete their website.

Their goals were to create a better more modern website to present to their community of businesses that they served. This way business men and women in their community can get the information they needed to become a part of the chamber.

The strategy was to build them a modern website that they can manage and maintain. We had to transfer their website from Weebly to WordPress. There was also an issue where they didn’t have their website login information readily at hand. We were able to get a hold of this information and help them make sure they had control when we started working with them.

They started off with their old website they had a simple 9 pages. With their new website we built, they had more than 25 pages with detailed information of what the visitor will need.

We helped them make automations so that creating content on their website can be easier.

At the end of optimizing their website for speed and have a beautiful design we trained them through a video chat and recorded the conversation.

Click on the picture to check out their new website!

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