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Digital marketing strategies to advance your business traction 

Propel your business to new heights

Our goal is to propel your business to increase traction and maintain it. We are a full service company that is available to fulfill all your digital marketing needs, and no matter the task, we are transparent and communicate thoroughly throughout the entire process.  We are interested in working with you and take the next big step for your business. When you work with Awaken Media Solutions you get a strategic and creative marketing experience that will make your brand sought out by your target market, and make your competitors see you as the standard.

As you may be aware, the digital landscape evolves rapidly. As consumers become increasingly comfortable interacting via mobile devices and social media platforms, its important to keep up with changes in technology. As technology updates, your company’s digital marketing strategies should be updating with it. Hiring an internet marketing agency is one of the best ways you can build a strong online presence. This way your target customers will always know where to find you. The digital marketing strategy laid out below comes from a cumulation of knowledge and experience put together in a nice package. Let’s get started today! Contact us! 

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Morris Auto Supply
"David Swedlove"

"Hi, this is David with Morris Auto Supply, we're really honored to have Jimy Delgado working in association with us, doing some of our marketing and our social media. He is prepared, on time, and delivers a quality product. He seems to be young, but sometimes he comes up with a different angle than some of us older people would come up with. He's just fantastic. He brings with him a staff of people. Where he gets them from, I don't know."

Golden California
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"Jimy is thoughtful, very professional, effective, punctual and always delivers his 110%. Love working with him and he is an essential member of our team always making us look fantastic in every job he handles for us."

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"Jimmy is very knowledgeable and very patient. He took his time in showing us exactly what we needed and how to showcase our best features for our Rancho Cucamonga Website."

Awaken Media Solutions Services

Develop your brand recognition and stand out of the pack!

Web Design and Development

Creating a website will allow your business to stand out, provide further details on your services than word of mouth and bring results. In this day and age everything is but a click away, and so are we! Let us help you get started!

Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the easiest ways to connect with your audience. It can be used as a powerful tool to drive traffic to your website, boost engagement, and increase sales.

Video Production

What can turn heads and generate the most buzz around your company? Videos that go viral! We can assist you with that.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the secret sauce for any marketing strategy. With the power of great keyword research and other major strategies, we'll help you achieve higher rankings in the search engines.

Content writing

We can create great content writing with resourceful information that your audience will be interested in.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Make more sales with your website! By improving your website's performance with certain changes, it can improve how users interact with it. It increases sales from your website and attracts more clients.

Why your business should use digital marketing services

Attract your target audience and rank above your competition. 

Understanding the Channels of Digital Marketing

Channels can come as in forms like YouTube, websites, social media, and other ways to grab the attention of your target audience. These are all platforms to use the elements that are created, tested, and improved. 

Through the channels we can utilize strategies in the form of paid attention, earned attention, and owned attention.

Website design and development
Hitting that target market

Understanding the Elements of Digital Marketing

Elements are the methods to which we create content or promote your brand.
The foundation is the people behind creating the strategy, code, content, and all the work that comes with building your brand. As obvious as it might sound the foundation is where we will build your marketing strategy from.
Then through the use of analytics continue to improve each element.
The content grabs the attention of your target audience.

Why is this important to your digital marketing strategy?

Build up your online presence and boost your revenue growth rate!

This is how it all comes together in your favor online. This is how we can use the strategies and tactics presented to make you stand out. 

Your brand is an integral part of developing your digital marketing approach. It is the beginning of the marketing strategy and where it ends. It is how your company will uniquely reach your target audience. It is what makes your brand, your brand. 

Awaken Media Solution’s search engine optimization services start with the an infrastructure that drives better performance in the search engines. 

Our design and development team build beautiful website experiences that convert your target audience into paying clients. After launching the website our content creation team gets to work. Content development is what your clients continue to consume until they eventually buy from you. They will continually come back to consume the content because they will find value in the content we make with you.

With the analytics data we gather is essential as it shows us what works and doesn’t work. We’ll send you detailed reports on what’s been going on with all aspects of the marketing campaign. With the information we provide, you’ll have a better idea of what your opportunities are.

We structure campaigns from winning test results. We use audience tracking, find the best focus keywords, and manage budgets for your paid search and social media. Using the quality content we make with the analytics that help build an understanding on what works means better text, display, and video ads that converts attention into clicks.

Why choose Awaken Media Solutions as Your Digital Marketing Service Agency?

Gain the traction online and achieve online success!

We are a full service company that was made to fulfill all your digital marketing needs.

No matter what you have us do, we’ll always be transparent with what we are doing and how we are doing it. We’ll communicate different courses of action and the risks and benefits to each of them.

That’s our approach. Are you ready to get to work?


Absolutely! We can alter packages based on what you need. We do make a proposal first based on your needs, and then return your call to go over the proposal along with its price. 

(Short answer, there are many price ranges!)  This depends on space/rooms of property, and amount of images/video requested, but can assure that we can work with your budget.  A call would be preferred to better understand your request and provide an individual cost perfect for you!

Because it’s the most effective way to get your website found by people who are looking for what you offer. It is also a great way to increase traffic and conversions on your site.

Its a means of promoting services and products by the use of technology. It includes online communication such as social media and email marketing, along with video streaming etc. 

Ready to get to work?

Awaken Media Solutions can help you get the attention you want on the internet. Let’s talk.

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