The Successful advertising factors

PPC Keyword Research

Keywords are the words that are relevant to your business. There are so many to choose from that it can be time consuming to get the right words in there. If you think it’s a once and done kind of deal, you’re going to miss out on a ton of words that you’d find in the long run. To find your winning pay per click keywords, you’ll need to find keywords that are relevant, exhaustive and expansive. The relevant keywords are those that are a part of your company; the exhaustive words are those you find that aren’t popular (like longtail keywords); and expansive keywords are those that can branch out into other “detailed” keywords, that you keep refining to grow your campaign. 

AMS can do this for you and find quality keywords for your pay per click campaign.


Landing Page Quality

Getting them through the door is one thing but getting them through your sales funnel is another. The ad gets them to the door and your landing page continues the interest they first had when clicking on the ad. Making sure that the page they go to is persuasive, has relevant content, and a clear call-to-action will help you make sure that you’re landing quality clients.

We can help make your landing pages convert leads into clients.

The creativity of your ad

Attention is limited now-a-days. To read even this paragraph can be making someone impatient. Now if you can catch someone with a creative ad that just makes them stop and say “wow,” that’s one heck of a first impression. That can generate the desire you need to make them click and learn more.

Working with AMS will get you those wow moments.

Quality Score

Your quality score wraps all the work we do for ads and gives the ad itself a rating. How relevant are the keywords to your ad? Does the landing page have a high bounce rate? Does your PPC campaign need work? Well, Google gives each ad a quality score that helps advertisers know what is good and what needs work.

We make sure that your quality score is top tier.

PPC Management for Small Business

Does your company have a lower advertising budget than others in your industry? With Awaken Media Solutions you don’t have to worry about that. We will help your ad campaign work at the level you want it to work at.

We look to execute a goal-focused strategy that brings in the results for your business.

How we get it done

PPC produces useful data that we analyze and bring out useful information that can be adapted into your campaign. We make results driven ads. Whether we would need to tweak the ad copy or change the visuals, we make the ad work for you.

Data for analytics

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